“God does not create a man and put a dream in him. He creates a dream and wraps a man around it. You are God’s dream in the flesh!” 

-Lou Engle

Dreams are much more than mere ideas or ambitions. When you are aligned with the Father’s heart, you fight for your dreams, which means you fight to fulfill destiny.

When you are in a battle, you do not sit there. You do not stay still, you do not get overwhelmed, you do not break down. You move. You fight. You do every single thing in your power and ability to trample the enemy.

I wonder, though, how many battles we have lost because we focus on the enemy instead of God?

Think about it. 

If we are always thinking about God…worshipping Him, talking with Him, praying with Him, reading with Him, walking with Him… We actually would not be focused on the enemy at all during a battle. We would just be running him over. I dunno about you, but whenever I am super excited to see someone and they are across the room, not a single person between us stands a chance at getting in the way. People might get trampled, honestly lol.

And maybe that is how we are supposed to fight. It is in the midst of our pursuit of God that we trample upon lions, cobras, fierce dragons, and serpants. 



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