When bad thoughts come in swinging

Today was one of those days that things like disapointment, discouragement, depression, and anxiety really tried to get at me.

Even though I have been delivered from axiety and all that stuffs, there are still days they do not just “come knocking at my door” as simple, quiet, passing thoughts. Instead, they burst in swinging with everything they have. 

“You’re stupid!”
“Life sucks…”
“Nothing matters!”
“Everything matters, be obsessive!”
“You can’t laugh!”
“You shouldn’t laugh!”
“You can’t do anything right!”
“Worry about what others think of you!”
“They don’t care!”
“I hate this!”
“I hate myself!”
“Don’t do that, they’ll be annoyed by you!”
“They don’t actually like you!”
“Shut up! Clam up!”
“Don’t be yourself!”
“You bug people too much!”
“You’re too enthusiastic and optimistic!”
“They don’t want to be around you!”
“No one loves you!!!”

However, they are no match. I disagree with these thoughts, they are not true. Every time I am attacked like this, I find that the answer is simply to marvel at the goodness of God. Spend time with Jesus. Rest in His presence, in the heart of the Father.



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