Straight from my notes

Came across this in my notes from July 2016. I really needed to read this. God is good!

I have found, that even when you are so upset, it is totally possible to make the choice and say “No, I’m going to trust God. I’ll doubt my fears and trust God completely.” and start encouraging yourself. When you do that, you get your power back. You can rise up and fight from victory, not for it, knowing that you’ve given it to God, and that He makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for us.

The enemy wants us living defeated. You see, he knows that if he can get us discouraged, we won’t have any strength, power,  or authority. And he knows we’ll be believing the lies, and distrusting God, so that we’ll be taking what we’ve previously entrusted to God, and putting it neatly into the enemy’s hands for him to mess it up. It’s sort of like taking a prized possession from a place that keeps it clean and protected, and throwing it into a dumpster. 

Maybe if we stop looking at encouragement, etc as something that happens once in a while, and look at it as something beautiful we share with God to keep clean, protected, shiny and new, then it won’t be so easy for the enemy to get us to hand it over to him. 

Living defeated, depressed, just barely getting by, that’s not God’s will for our lives. We’ve got to start believing Him when He tells us what His will is!



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