Lately I have had two encounters with God whilst watching Todd White live on Facebook. Who’d ever thunk it lol.. But in all seriousness, I have come under the strongest conviction I have EVER felt. Yet it is met with more love than I could ever describe, even if given the most poetice words of the universe…and topped with the deepest revelation of His presence that I have ever experienced. 

Who spoke and taught the sun to rise?

Whose lips proclaim the birth of light?

Who sparked the kindling of stars?

And set the fire in our hearts?

Those are lyrics from “One and Only” by Rend Collective. 

The conviction I have come under so strongly from God is about loving people. Truly loving people. Todd White’s testimony is that 12 years ago he got set free from drugs, porn, atheism, etc. He says he hasn’t had a bad day since then. It amazes me how he walks in love. There is not one person he doesn’t love, and that is just how Jesus is. He doesn’t let people’s fear, hatred, dislike, anger, offense or anything stand in the way of loving them. He prays for people, he encourages them, he speaks truth, life, and light, and sees many healed, just like Jesus. 

It so amazes me that this is totally possible for ANY believer. As Todd White says, people aren’t horrible. They just don’t know. They don’t understand who they are. There are people out there in bondage, going to hell, and they need Jesus. 

One of my favourite things he says is how it would be weird if you squeezed an orange and apple juice came out. Nothing but orange juice should come out of that orange, right?

So when a Christian is squeezed, nothing but Jesus should come out!



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